Anker PowerExpand 9-in-1 USB-C PD Dock
Anker PowerExpand 9-in-1 USB-C PD Dock
Anker PowerExpand 9-in-1 USB-C PD Dock
Anker PowerExpand 9-in-1 USB-C PD Dock
Anker PowerExpand 9-in-1 USB-C PD Dock
Anker PowerExpand 9-in-1 USB-C PD Dock
Anker PowerExpand 9-in-1 USB-C PD Dock

Anker PowerExpand 9-in-1 USB-C PD Dock

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  • Expanded Connectivity: Equipped with 2 USB-C Power Delivery ports, an HDMI port, a DisplayPort, 3 USB-A ports, an Ethernet port, and a 3.5 mm AUX input.
  • Powerful Charging: Supports up to 60W charging for your laptop via the USB-C upstream port. You can also charge your phone or tablet via the 20W USB-C Power Delivery port.
  • Dual Display: Simultaneously stream media to dual monitors in stunning 4K@30Hz via the DisplayPort and HDMI port.
  • High-Speed File Transfer: Connect your thumb drive or external hard drive to either the USB-C Power Delivery port or the front-facing USB-A 3.0 port to transfer files at up to 5 Gbps.
  • What You Get: PowerExpand 9-in-1 USB-C PD Dock, 100W power adapter, 1.2 m power cord, 1 m USB 3.1 Gen 2 USB-C to C cable, welcome guide, 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service.

Increase Your Port Options

Transform just one of your laptop’s USB-C ports into a total of 9 ports, with enough functionality to connect multiple monitors, transfer files at high speed, power up your laptop and phone, connect audio devices, and more. Also features a built-in security slot that can be used with a security cable (not included) to protect the dock against theft.

High-Speed Charging

The USB-C upstream port provides enough power to charge an XPS 13 in just over 2.5 hours, while the USB-C Power Delivery port can charge an iPhone 12 in less than 2 hours. The forward-facing USB-A port can also be used to charge smaller devices like smartwatches or headphones.

Upgrade Your Display

Instead of trying to manage all of your apps on a single laptop screen, simply connect to two external monitors via the DisplayPort and the HDMI port to enjoy the convenience of a larger, extended display.

Access Files at Speed

Transfer movies, photos, and music at speeds of up to 5 Gbps via the USB-C Power Delivery port and the USB-A 3.0 data port.


Q1: Will this dock work with any laptop? How do I make sure my laptop works with this dock?

A: This dock works with laptops with a USB-C port that supports DisplayPort Alt Mode and Power Delivery. To confirm the USB-C port function of your laptop, consult your user manual or contact your laptop’s manufacturer. If your USB-C port doesn’t support DisplayPort Alt Mode, you won’t receive video output. If your USB-C port doesn’t support Power Delivery, the dock will work correctly with video and data (including audio and Ethernet), but would not be able to supply charging to your laptop.

Q2: Do I need to install any drivers to use this dock?

A: No.

Q3: Can I use my own USB-C cable to connect the dock to my laptop?

A: We recommend that you use the 3.2 ft USB-C cable that comes with the dock, however any other USB-C cable with support for USB 3.1 Gen 2 and 100W Power Delivery should work.

Q4: How many monitors does the dock support and what is the maximum resolution supported?

A: This dock supports connection to two external monitors: 1 via HDMI and 1 via DisplayPort.

Single Monitor Resolution: 4K@60Hz (for DisplayPort 1.4) or 4K@30Hz (for DisplayPort 1.2)

Dual Monitor Resolution: 2 x 4K@30Hz (for DisplayPort 1.4) or 2 x 1080p@60Hz (for DisplayPort 1.2).

macOS only supports Single-Stream Transport (SST), and doesn't support Multi-Stream Transport (MST)

Q5: The charging output of the dock is listed as 60W, which is lower than my laptop charger’s output. Will the dock still be able to power my laptop?

A: This dock supports up to 60W of charging via the USB-C upstream port on the front of the dock (indicated with a computer icon). It will charge slower than your laptop charger, but it will still charge at a relatively high speed.

Q6: How to deal with screen drop, black screen, or screen flickering issues when connecting to an external monitor?

A: After the dock has just been connected to the external monitor, it's normal for there to be some degree of flickering. It should go away in a little while. If you experience any screen issues after waking up your laptop, restart the dock; If your laptop or the docking station has not been shut down for a long time and you’re experiencing screen issues, please restart the dock.

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